Movies & Music of India – Avinash Vyas

Avinash Vyas – started composing in the 1940’s and continued until 1980’s. He gave music for about 60 Hindi films and over 190 Gujarati movies, most of his movies in Hindi were Mythological or historic movies.

Born on 21 July 1912, Avinash Anandrai Vyas had the good fortune of learning from a maestro like Ustad Allauddin Khan. In that sense he belonged to the league of Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan who were also the Ustad’s student. After completing his education in music he came to Mumbai. He wanted to become a cricketer but fate had some other plans and he joined HMV’s ‘Young India’. In 1940 the first gramophone record of his song was released.

In 1943 he and Ustad Allah Rakha (A. R. Qureshi) together gave music for the film
Mahasati Anusuya . This film actually kick started his career as a Music Director. In 1944 he played an important role along with Shankar Rao Vyas in the composition for the film Krishan Bhakt Bodana.

Avinash Vyas was a multi faceted person. He played the roles of a Composer, Singer, Song writer, Actor and Writer. He was a prolific writer and has more than 12000 songs in Gujarati to his credit

Avinash Vyas did create some original tunes which were lifted by well known composers and the songs became more popular than the original. “Tora Manwa Kyun Ghabraye” sung by Geeta Dutt and composed by N. Dutta for the film Sadhna (1959) was plagiarized from the movie Dashavatar (1951) sung by Mohd. Rafi and Sulochana Kadam and composed by Avinash Vyas.

He composed many songs that were sung by Geeta Dutt, Mohd. Rafi and Sulochana Kadam though he did work with all the other leading singers of those days including Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar.

He did compose music for few movies which were not mythological or historic like Vasna (1952) and Adhikar (1954).

Who can forget the famous song by Kavi Pradeep from the movie Naag Mani (1957) “Pinjre ke Pancchi Re” and the one by Geeta Dutt “Aaj bahi to kal bikharenge ye badal”

Most of the Hindi movies for which Avinash Vyas composed songs had subject or budget restrictions, being mythological films it demanded devotional songs but he did compose some unforgettable numbers. However he was very creative in Gujarati films and was called the king of Gujarati films. He received the Best Music Director and Best Lyricist award from Gujarat Government for a record 25 times and was awarded the “Gaurav Puraskar” (Pride Award) from Gujarat Rajya Sangeet Nrutya Academy and the “Padmashri” was conferred on him by the Government of India in 1970.

The famous Gujarati song “Rakh na Ramakada” from Mangal Fera (1949) is a strong reminder of his creative skills as a musician and also as a lyricist. The song was sung by Geeta Dutta and A.R. Oza, this tune was later used in Dashavatar (1951) and copied by N. Dutta (Ref. above).

Another famous song composed by Avinash Vyas in Gujarati is “Mehndi te Vavi Malve” from Mehndi Rang Lagyo (1960)

Heron Malaat 1961, Kalapi 1967, Jesal Toraal 1971, Son Baini Chun Daadi 1976 are also some of the more famous films for which Avinash Vyas composed music.

He passed away on 20 August 1984

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  1. Fagun V Pandya says:

    Excellent. I am surprised why this information is not available on wiki. Do you mind if I create Wiki page with the use of this information? Off course this site will be mentioned in reference.
    Please do let me know.

    • iyerbhaskar says:

      Your right there is no information on Wikipedia and I had collated the information from various websites and articles. I have no problem with you suing the information as its not mine to hold. Best wishes

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